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Margot Smith


Margot Smith produces award winning independent videos on political and social justice issues. She does the camera work, story--everything--including the final edit on Final Cut Pro. She is a member of the San Francisco Film Society.

Her latest videos cover New Deal Works Progress Administration murals in San Francisco, and the murals of Coit Tower artist Bernard Zakheim.

Videos from the World Social Forum in Venezuela include speeches by Eva Golinger, and Greg Wilpert of Venezuelanalysis.com tell of the U. S. intervention in the internal political of that oil rich country.

Another recent video is Democracy in the Workplace: Three Worker-Owned Businesses in Action. In this 27 minute video,worker-owners of three successful businesses--The Cheeseboard,Rainbow Grocery and Inkworks Press--show what it's like to work collectively, make decisions, and deal with everyday problems in a truly democratic setting. In business for more than 20 years, these three collectives vary in size from 18 to 150 members. The Network of Bay Area Worker Collectives (NoBawc=No Boss) sponsored a theatershowing of the work in February, 1999. Shown on PBS, it won a Bronze Medal atthe National Educational Video Network.

To Empower Women: The Fourth U.N. World Conference, was filmed in 1995 at the United Nations Fourth World Conference in Beijing, China and narrated by the late Congresswoman Bella Abzug. The 28 minute video is a call to action. It shows that that women's rights issues are world wide in scope, and the global women's movement is alive and well. The video has been shown on PBS stations and won a trophy at Movies on a Shoestring in Rochester, NY. It was shown at the Ohio Independent Film Festival and the American Public Health Association film festival and received several honorable mentions.

Margot, daughter Janet Linney, and friend Patricia James filmed To Empower Women in Huairou, China. Despite logistical difficulties -- electrical problems, overwhelming background sound, difficulties traversing the convention campus,( it rained, schedules were imprecise) -- the conference was a great experience. Shirley Harlan was also at the Beijing Conference and offered her state of the art video studio for the on-line edit.

Canada's Single Payer Health Care System: A Model for Reform was introduced by the late Senator Paul Wellstone and shown on 65 PBSstations across the country. This and two other videos advocating universal health care on the Canadian model are now being shown by universities and grass roots organizations throughout the U.S.

Margot's husband, the late Bob Purdy, got Margot started in video in 1985. He was a retired engineer. Margot Smith is a retired social scientist and lives in Berkeley, CA where she actively advocates for universal health care and economic justice. She is past convener of the Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers.

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